Caz Shen

Cathy “Caz” Shen is an animator-filmmaker-storyteller from Plano, Texas. They spend a lot of time daydreaming, normal dreaming, listening to music while doing three other things at once, and staring at the frozen section of the grocery store thinking about the meaning of life. The best part about filmmaking - Caz has discovered - is finding out you have no idea what’s going on; turning your film over like a big rock and discovering there’s a whole other world on the flipside. Caz's film deals with the conflict of ‘self’ and ‘purpose’, who one is and where they belong. Identity being a vital theme of their work, their film, Naia is driven by self discovery and the knowledge that to be alive is to constantly change. In their freetime, Caz enjoys reading, writing short stories, and going to hockey games.


We have a few questions for NAIA, and she has more than a few answers for us.