Eason XinranWang

Eason Xinran Wang was born and raised in Beijing, China. Growing up, he spent most of his after-school hours in front of a TV or computer screen. Such overexposure to digital media ultimately led him to study animation and visual arts. At the age of 18, Eason moved to the United States to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. Since then, nostalgia has emerged as a theme in Eason's work, as he seeks to investigate his relationship with his cultural background and his motivations for creating. Eason likes to use vibrant colors and depict everyday life in his work. When not working, he can be found reading, keeping his Duolingo streak, and wandering around to photograph cool tree branches. Eason’s favorite season is winter.

A Year in My Life

A child experiences the 24 solar terms of the Chinese Lunar Calendar metaphorically in a single day, grasping the sense of joy, the beauty of nature, and the fleeting nature of time that once passed, never returns.