Jeimar Neiza

Jeimar is an FAV student, born and raised in Chicago. In an after school program called Marwen Arts, the very last class he fell in love with the art form, pursuing into professorship. Jeimar loves animation’s rich history, versatility and the power of movement. Due to his work pointed more on traditional physical animation techniques, he tries to understand the nature of mediums in their early and pure stages. Jeimar’s film, An Unraveling, knits a story about the process of creation, and the strife a creator experiences under pressure. Through these threads, he explores how a creator's disconnection with other often work affects them and the cracks that come from pressure. This work acted more as a push for standard stopmotion, reaching out to different styles in comparison to his cut out techniques. With the focus on yarn, is there a feeling of easy creation.

An Unraveling

Emily is getting help from his old friend Mark, or at least that’s the goal. Following them throughout the night, the tension slowly builds up, no way to really connect. Could they really understand each other, or are they destined to hate each other as time fades away.