Sarah Fenster

Sarah Fenster is a Maryland-based artist, excited to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. When she isn't creating, Sarah can be found leading Shabbat services, volunteering on a farm, reading, walking, or spending time with friends and family.


Sarah Fenster has a multimedia creative practice spanning video, animation, photography, installation, painting, drawing, and writing. She works within a Jewish context to explore themes of belonging, community and family history, cycles, ritual practices, exile, girlhood, and femininity. She is inspired by both the landscapes of Eretz Yisrael, where her identity is oriented, and the Potomac River region, where she grew up. She strives to make accessible work that sparks joyful, meaningful, and cathartic experiences for her community. Sarah is currently working on a feature-length screenplay; a contemporary adaptation of the ancient Jewish text of Megillat Esther.