Rozella Kim

Rozella Kim is a creative native of Korea, now based in New York, who thrives at the confluence of brand strategy, creative production, and event curation. Her portfolio includes collaborations with fashion labels such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc Bouwer, Area, PatBo and more, during New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, where she developed a versatile array of skills- including art direction, set design, runway production, event programming, and public relations. At her core, Rozella is driven by an ultimate goal to leverage the universal languages of the culinary and fashion, amplifying the sensory dimensions and fostering connectivity across industries.



Can you make a pretty face for the camera?

This project is many things: a tribute to my mother, love letter to the forgotten warmth of my childhood, and an ode to the beauty of forgiveness. At its heart, this piece is my personal step in the journey toward discovering a sense of home—not within the confines of a physical space, but through the ongoing processes of reconnection and redefinition.