Z Juhn

Z is a 2024 RISD graduate in FAV, born is Dusseldorf, Germany and currently based in both New York and Connecticut. They specialize in digital art and digital animation. Originally gaining inspiration from video games, cartoons, and TV shows like Kirby Buckets, Z is always thinking of new ideas and new projects to begin. With a strict regimen of drawing and posting their work everyday, they have developed a keen sense of animation timing and visualizing ideas. Together, these two skills have led to a variety of artistic projects over the years, usually dedicated to the very video games and cartoons that inspired them in the first place. Outside of such projects, their original content is unique, receiving the full power of their design and artistic ability for something wholly their own. Z always says: “The most exciting part of working on a project is the ideating phase, where the possibilities are still endless. Infinity is far more interesting than the road you’re traveling on.”

Found Ya!

A cinematic list of cryptids all across the U.S.A.!