Vinny Wang

Vinny is a filmmaker and storyteller from New Jersey. He has been drawing most of his life, first delving into animation at 16, when Procreate added the animation feature. He draws inspiration from his love of comics, live action shows, and music that he enjoys both making and listening to. — Vinny’s thesis film is created in collaboration with Aidan Chen, and it considers the complex relationship of parent and child, cynicism and innocence through the lens of the relationship between two characters with a refreshing palette of humor and stunning visuals.It implores the audience to confront themes of fear for survival and fear of failure, and complicated parental relationships as it asks the question of, when "caring" becomes psychological torment.Through the process of creating this film Vinny has learned to appreciate the duality of artistic visions, and how two different perspectives can come together to create something even better than the sum of its parts.Just like the characters in the film, Vinny and Aidan have faced countless challenges in the making of Crash and made it out (relatively) unscathed.

Mikey’s Crash

The incompetent, skittish Mikey crash lands on a foreign planet with his commanding officer, the stern, competent Sir. The two attempt to survive in this environment, only for Mikey to disappoint Sir over and over again. Will Mikey be able to win the approval of Sir and survive in this hostile place?